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York Mystery Plays in the Museum Gardens in August 2012 were produced by York Theatre Royal and the Riding Lights Theatre Company.  Some 1000 people and two professional actors were involved.  Staff and volunteers kindly gave information and material to this NCEM archive.   P hotographs of the rehearsals, taken by  local volunteers , are on  Flickr. Below is information about the scenes and the alternating casts (the Potters and Carpenters). Go to this page for twenty photographs from the Museum Gardens production (NCEM has many more photos). Go to this page for photographs of wagon plays produced in 2012. Go to this page for an article from The Stage about building the theatre.
Adapted and scripted by Mike Kenny Directors: Paul Burbridge, Damien Cruden       
Designer: Sean Cavanagh Composer: Christopher Madin Lighting: Richard G Jones Costume design: Anna Gooch Wardrobe: Juliette Berry Sound: Clement Rawling Associate Directors: Katie Posner, Alexander Wright Musical Director: Craig Brown Dance Director: Lesley Ann Eden Casting: Sue Scott Davison Community Producer/Fight Director: Liam Evans-Ford Event Manager: Ben Pugh
Young Person's Directors: Amos Jacob, Kate Plumb Production Administrator: Sarah Barnard Production Managers: Judith Cloke, Paul Veysey Stage Managers: Anna Belderbos, Rob Gooch Deputy SM: Clare Morse; Asst. SM: Samantha Krylonsky Community Wardrobe Supervisor: Janet Hull
The Creation and Fall of the Angels (Tanners) God: Ferdinand Kingsley Lucifer: Graeme Hawley Gabriel: Frances Simon, Lucy Campbell Michael: Jessie Gillick, Nicolette Hobson Raphael: Emma Tugman, Jenna Drury Belzebub: Catherine Edge, Liberty Hutchinson Ribald (devil): Bethan Bradley, Fionnuala Morris Devil 1: Tia Hancy, Gemma Gorner Devil 2: Alice Simpson, Jessie West Devil 3: Autumn Garner, Grace Hobson Uriel: Shelly Tarbin, Emma Blackstone Angels: Jane Allanach, Grace Armer, Claire Burgess, Jane Clarkson, Amelia Cook, Melanie Dagg-Thompson, Molli Duffin, Louise Gilpin, Clare Halliday, Sally Harding, Liz Hutchinson, Angie Millard, Brenda Mitchell, Naomi Noda, Claire Robinson, Marilyn Vihman, Anjali Vyas-Brannick, Lucy Walker.
The Creation of Man and Woman (Cardmakers) Young Adam: Ewan Croft, Luke Hobson Young Eve: Anna Robinson, Maddie Drury Satan: Graeme Hawley
Adam and Eve in Paradise are warned about the Tree of Good and Evil (Fullers ) Cycle Angels: Trevor Barker, Phil Bellwood, Rose Bridgewater, Anne Collinson, Diane Craven, Annamarieke de Bruin, Jack Feasby, Thomas Johnson, Nick Moon, Rob Paterson, Daniel Tebb, Bernadette Turner, Phil Turner, Pragya Vohra Garden Angels : Janice Barnes-Newton, Gary Bateson, Beatrix Brown, Patricia Castle, Alistair Dunn, Sheila Dunn, Cerydwen Evans, Rachel Goodwin, Yvonne Hall, Alison Holdsworth, Katy Holiday, Rosemary Horseman, Connor Houlton, Diane Hunter, Pat Kenney, Jane Leach, Margaret Leonard, Rod Leonard, Bernard Lyne, Matt Marks, Alexander Mather, Penny Mitchell, Mariela Munoz del Valle, Jeanne Murphy, Olivia Newton, Jo Reilly, Lucinda Rennison, Bethany Ring, Margaret Rogers, Rosemary Royds Tree, Nicola Saye, Jo Sheen, Julie Speedie, Abigail Thompson-Tebb
The Temptation and Fall (Cowpers) Young Adam: Ewan Croft, Luke Hobson Young Eve: Anna Robinson, Maddie Drury
Adam and Eve are barred from Paradise (Armourers) Adam: Harry Lee, Nathan Unthank Eve: Laura Soper, Anna Sowden
Noah and the Flood (Shipwrights) Noah: Paul Osbourne, Nick Jones Mother Noah: Mandy Newby, Rosy Rowley 1st son: Lee West, Dan Hurdy 2nd son: Jordan Hattee, Connor Houlton 3rd son: James O'Neill, Matt Marks Daughter 1: Madeline Jones, Katy Devine Daughter 2: Amy Clow, Lizzie Tait Daughter 3: Maisie Latto, Julia Pegg
The Annunciation to Mary (Spicers)
Joseph's Troubles about Mary (Pewterers and Founders) Mary: Rachel Price, Lydia Onyett Joseph: Tony Ravenhall, Rob Ainsley Elizabeth: Linda Grenyer, Ged Cooper Rebecca: Sarah-Jane Strong, Sandra Rowan
Birth of Christ (Tile-Thatchers)
Annunciation to Shepherds (Chandlers) 1st Shepherd: James Osman, Jon Adams 2nd Shepherd: Juliet Waters, Shan Braund 3rd Shepherd: Becky Durham, Harriett Ennis Angels: Jacky Frere, Louise Gilpin, Nichola Hattam, Naomi Noda, Aisha Noda, Georgia Padfield, Katy Staite, Shelly Tarbin, Emma Tugman
King Herod and the Magi (Masons, Goldsmiths) King: Harold Mozley, Robin Sanger Queen 1: Katrina Knowles, Libby Wattis Queen 2: Ruth Ford, Margaret Hillier Herod: Rory Mulvihill Herod's Messenger: Mark Kennett, Alan Avery Councillor 1: Steve Padfield, Nigel Evans Councillor 2: Ellie McCullough, Eileen Walters
Flight to Egypt (Marshalls) Mary: Rachel Price, Lydia Onyett Joseph: Tony Ravenhall, Rob Ainsley
Massacre of the Innocents (Girdlers, Nailers) Herod Soldier 1: James Tyler Herod Soldier 2: Bob Mallow, Simon O'Keefe Herod Soldier 3: Tom Bylo, Lee Boxall Speaking Mothers: Elliott Blackstone, Annamarieke de Bruin, Catherine Edge, Lucy Emmott, Rachel Harte, Morgan Heraty, Kerry Maxwell, Val Punt, Alison Ravenhall Non-speaking Mothers: Claire Burgess, Jane Clarkson, Molli Duffin,Liz Elsworth, Clare Halliday, Sally Harding, Emily Holt-Roberts, Liz Hutchinson, , Harriett Mayne, Angie Millard, Brenda Mitchell, Freya Pratt, Kirsten Pringle, Claire Robinson, Kath Stead, Anjali Vyas-Brannick, Marilyn Vihman, Pragya Vohra, Lucy Walker, Jessie West, Andy Wilson ACT TWO: PASSION AND FINAL JUDGEMENT
Jesus in the Temple (Spurriers and Lorimers) Young Jesus: Matthew Dangerfield, Michael Barker Doctor 1: William Lee, Simon Taylor Doctor 2: Gaynor Spivey, Anne Crawford
Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist (Barbours) Jesus: Ferdinand Kingsley John the Baptist: Matt Simpson, Dave Malinsky
Temptation in the Wilderness (Locksmiths)
Woman taken in Adultery (Cap and Hatmakers) Adulterer (Apostle Thaddeus): Paula Clark, Jessica Fisher Person 1: George Harrison, Noel Stabler Person 2: Connor Houlton Person 3: Louise Larkinson, Felicity Semple Person 4: Chris Gajewicz, Victoria Rooke Annas: Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe, Beryl Nairn Caiaphas: Tim Holman, Michael Lightfoot
Entry into Jerusalem (Skinners) Apostle Peter: Roger Wood, John Roden Apostle Philip: Val Burgess, Sheelagh Loftus Zacchaeus: Tim Jones, Joe Hopper Blind Man: Ged Murray, Robert Cummings Poor Man: Bill Laverick, Jamie Searle Lame Woman: Sally McIlveen, Linda Jackson Citizen 1: Maggie Skilbeck, Linda Terry Citizen 2: Sharon Hill, Edith Millan Citizen 3: Harry Stafford, Liam Godfrey Citizen 4: Al Marshall, Liam Godfrey (sic) Citizen 5: Mandy Newby, Emma Clark Citizen 6: Bethany Tattersfield, Rosy Rowley
The Conspiracy (Cutlers) Judas: Tom Cantrell, Jamie Higgins Pilate: Maurice Crichton, Tom Jackson Pilate's Guard: James O'Neill, Alicia Stabler Pilate Soldiers: Nick Evans, Peter Gay, James Hunt, Andrew Isherwood, Robert Leach, Matt Lomax, Harry Revell, Ruben Wollny
Last Supper (Bakers) Apostle James: Gabriela Mancey-Jones, Erika Noda Apostle Thomas: Paul Toy, David Rounce Apostle Bartholomew: Rachel Weinhardt, Stephanie Edgar Apostle Andrew: James Osman, Jon Adams Apostle Matthew: Peter Burgess, Richard Hampton Apostle James, son of Alphaeus: Belinda Noda, Helen McLean Apostle John: John Hoyland, Matthew Wignall Apostle Simon (Canaanite): Natalia Wilson   
Arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane (Cordwainers) Caiphas Soldier: Scott Apps, Andrew Millar Caiaphas Soldier 1: Thomas Johnson, Phil Bellwood Caiaphas Soldier 2: David Rigby, Simon O'Keefe Caiaphas Soldier 3: David Allsopp, Norman Bell Malcus: Gary Sheen, Lee Boxall
Peter denies Christ (Bowyers, Fletchers) Woman at Denial: Liz Hutchinson, Liz Somers Peter: Roger Wood, John Roden
Procula's Dream and the Trial before Pilate (Tapiters, Couchers) Pilate: Maurice Crichton, Tom Jackson Dame Procula: Sharon Davies, Eilidh Newton Beadle: Helen Wilson, Maggie Smales
Remorse of Judas (Cooks, Watercarriers)
Condemnation of Christ (Tilemakers) Barrabas: Richard Sheils, Liam Godfrey Pilate Soldier 1: Jennifer Page, Becky Tunstall Pilate Soldier 2: Colin Burland, Matt Marks Pilate Soldier 3: Andrew Isherwood, Lee Maloney Pilate Soldier 4: James Hunt, Harry Revell
The Crucifixion (Pinners, Brassworkers, Painters) Workman 1: Ian Giles, Mike Tyler Workman 2: Dave Al Bahrani-Peacock, Andrew Bradley Workman 3: Toby Gordon, Andy Quarrell Workman 4: Jessica Beswick, Clancy McMullan Mother Mary: Melanie Dagg-Robinson, Jane Allanach Thief on the left: Colin Goodwin, Paul Mason Thief on the right: Gemma Shelton, Matilda O'Grady
Death of Christ (Butchers)
Harrowing of Hell (Saddlers) Moses: Sam Valentine, William Lee Isaiah: Ed Stead, Andrew Jenkinson
The Resurrection (Carpenters) Pilate's Centurion: Shirley Williams, Chris Davey
Appearance to Mary Magdalene (Winedrawers) Mary Magdalen: Edith Kirkwood, Fiona Peck Mary 3: Heather Young, Emma Clark
Christ appears to the Apostles, Doubting Thomas (Scriveners)
The Ascension (Tailors)
The Last Judgement (Mercers) A Good Soul: Ivan Scobie, Joe Hopper A Bad Soul: Kelly Wright, Liz Somers
Featured Soldiers: Alan Avery, Trevor Barker, Phil Bellwood, Lee Boxall, Oliver Clive, Nick Evans, Nigel Evans, Peter Gay, Dan Hardy, Roy Hargrave, Jordan Hattee, Sam Jenkins, Thomas Johnson, Mark Kennett, Robert Leach, Harry Lee, Matt Lomax, Harry Luck, Chris Mitchell, Nick Moon, Rob Paterson, Edward Pulleyn, Gary Sheen, Benedict Stanforth-Sharpe, William Stanforth-Sharpe, Nathan Unthank, Lee West, Ruben Wollny, Zak Young
Ensemble: Sara Andrew, Alex Auld, Vikki Boddye, Rose Bridgewater, Will Brigham, Catherine Brophy, Susan Clarkson, Rachel Clayton, Julia Cormack, Bethany Cunnington, Jennifer Dixon, Alistair Dunn, Sheila Dunn, Sue Elliott-Lyall, Cerydwen Evans, Jack Feasby, Rachel Goodwin, Carole Green, Kris Grummitt, Pam Guanaria, Helen Hale, Yvonne Hall, Karen Hill, Alison Holdsworth, Keren Hazlehurst, Katy Holiday, Rosemary Horsman, Anne Jones, Pat Kennedy, Dawn Kennett, Helen Kettlebro, Colin Lea, Jane Leach, Valerie Lee, Rod Leonard, Judith Loomes, Bernard Lyne, Simon McGhee, Alice Mapplebeck, Alexandra Mather, Claire Morley, Mariela Munoz del Valle, Jeanne Murphy, Olivia Newton, Aisha Noda, Jackie O'Keefe, Georgia Padfield, Kathy Ransome, Jo Reilly, Lucinda Rennison, Julie Rickaby, Sam Robinson, Elizabeth Roden, Margaret Rogers, Keith Rowan, Jo Sheen, Jill Sissons, Christine Skinner, Katy Staite, Abigail Thompson-Tebb, David Turner, Phil Turner, Sandra Wadley, Nicola Walden, Alison Webb, Andy Williams, John Worrallo, Judith Wright Child Ensemble: Evelyn Allison, George Avery, Doug Bacon, Karis Barlow, Emma Berridge, Elliott Blackstone, Isaac Burland, Rebeka Burland, Saskia Chapman-Gibbs, Anna Clarke, William Coats, Anais Crane, Alizee Currell, Jennie Durham, Lewis Egdell, Simon Ellwood, Annie Emmott, Imogen Emmott, Olivia Emmott, Laurence Eyre, Miriam Eyre, Molly Goodwin, Montgomery Grenyer, Naomi Halliday, Holly Hardstaff, Amy Helliwell, Lissy Hopwood-Robinson, Jordan Hutchinson, Sarah Hutchinson, Jasmine Hugo, Jessica Hugo, Sarah Judge, Rosie Latimer, Imogen Little, Kathleen Livings, Thomas Lister, Laura McCarthy, Elizabeth Mae-Starbuck, Nikki Merrett, Rosie Mitchell, Hazuki Mogan, Minori Mogan, Jenny Moulds, Princess Ndlazulwana, George Orpe, Liam Precious, Shelly Reed, Frances Rigby, Olivia Robinson, Daisy Rowley, Imogen Rowley, Jemima Rowley, Scarlett Rowley, Owen Sandles, Emilia Sellars, Paige Sellars, Hannah Selvaratnam, Thomas Sheen, Naomi Simon, Daniel Simpson, Matilda Smith, Rosie Starkey, Oliver Steame, Grace Teer, Rhiannon Thrush, Sophie Tyler, Robyn Wade, Sophie Walmsley, Aled Vernon-Rees, Chloe Wright, Charlotte Young. Brass Band Audrey Brown, Matt Capaldi, Sophie Cockman, Julia Cormack, Helen Douglas, Josh Elcock, Lance Elcock, Iain Fell, Adrian Fox, Matt Hardy, Peter Jesse, Ashley Lawrence, Kate Lock, Ed McCartney Moore, William McCartney Moore, Josh McCoy, Karen Nichols, Sandra Pearson, Chris Stockton, Sarah Stones, Caroline Tucker, Katie Wannop. Choir Ruth Allen, Lynn Allington, Tiz Bacon, Kirstie Baldwin, Christine Barber, Martin Bartlett, Penny Bartlett, Leone Bentley, Olga Bielby, Rose Bridgewater, Will Brigham, Carol Brown, Sarah Burland, Patricia Campbell, Rachel Cantrell, Michael Chester, Ann Ciechanowski, Edith Cook, Eileen Dale, Liddy Dalesman, Victoria Dibbs, Imogen Ditchfield, Lucy Ditchfield, Margaret Everall, Christopher Fletcher, Eileen Fletcher, Pam Foster, Joanne Fraser, Jane Hamilton, Glynis Harris, Helen Harrison, Francesca Hart, Susan Hartshorne, Amelia Hattersley, Guy Hawkyard, Heather Hewitson, Lesley Hick, Sharon Hill, Carol-Ann Hooper, Kerin Hulse, Kate Hymans, Linda James, Diane Kirk, Rosemary Kirkman, Judith Lawrence, Louisa Littler, Alison Loftfield, Fiona Long, Livvie Lordan, Maggie Love, Malcolm Maddock, Rebecca Magowan, Barbara Marshall, Gill Martin, Louise Martin, Felicia McCormick, Janet McCullough, Alice Mcfarlane, Jacqui McGuinn, Karen Millar, Susan Mistry, Shino Mogan, Jenny Monaghan, Dave Moores, Dawn Moores, Susana Morvan, Caroline Mozley, Ruth O'Kelly, Caroline Parker, Liz Paterson, Anu Priya, Shirley Reay, Jane Reed, Brenda Riley, Joanna Roberts, Barbara Robinson, Emily Rowan, Elizabeth Savage, Janet Sharpe, Joan Sinanan, Barbara Smith, Sheila Smith, Ted Smith, Maggie Soper, Julie Speedie, Alice Stanley, Caroline Stockdale, Lucy Thorpe, Kate Vernon-Rees, Juliet Waters, Glynis Wear, Virginia Wedgwood, Beryl White, Sarah Wollny, Evelyn Wood, Julie Wood, Ilona Woodhead.

Community Involvement in the plays was central .   Helen Hale, a member of the ensemble (a non-speaking part) appreciates the production: "Some of the innovations which made this production different from any of the preceding ones, whilst retaining a medieval-style text and in no way altering the familiar Biblical stories: - to emphasise the universality of the plays and their message, the cast wore costumes with a 1940s and 1950s flavour. The choice was particularly inspired by Stanley Spencer's well-known paintings of Biblical scenes incorporating images of real people from his home village of Cookham. - the spectrum of cast members was considerably broadened by the inclusion of a large number of children and young people, giving a refreshing and sometimes unexpected aspect to the performance! - the striking live performance throughout the play of specially-composed music performed by a 70-strong choir of local people and a brass band. All of this was intended to create an unforgettable experience." A play was written by Ged Cooper about the experience of being in the 2012 cast: see this link to the York   Press . Here is a link to a Youtube film about community involvement in the production. Interested in other casts? T his page has a cast list of the Millennium production in York Minster (2000): you will see some of the same names! And this page has photographs of the Millennium production.
This page has the cast list for the 2016 Minster production. This page gives the names of the people in key roles since 1951.  The NCEM has all the programmes and all the names. Next page : What are the Mystery Plays?

845 Judy Collins and Ari Hest
844 Celebration of Django Reinhardt
843 Tim O’Brien and Ron Block
842E Jewel

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Keith Cheesman:  “[This was] circa 1969. Within the local scene Palmer and Ronson stood out as potential superstars and I think they both had a desire to work together. However, Mick and Alan/Robert were both essential to their relevant groups, so the rehearsals were held in secret. I think the reason it never got past rehearsals was both Mick and Alan’s loyalty to their respective bands. I remember one session we were trying out a version of Coloured Rain by Traffic.”

Roger McGuinn - Rob Crosby - Arista Advance: January ReleasesRoger McGuinn - Rob Crosby - Arista Advance: January ReleasesRoger McGuinn - Rob Crosby - Arista Advance: January ReleasesRoger McGuinn - Rob Crosby - Arista Advance: January Releases