R.l. burnside - a ass pocket of whiskey

PLEASE NOTE:  All these songs are demonstrated using a key of C harmonica, except for Mojo , which uses a key of A harmonica.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  You do NOT need to know how to bend notes in order to play these songs.  This is why they are appropriate for beginners and advanced beginners.    

We’ve been selling comics since 1961 (our first sale: Fantastic Four #1 at $, see one of our first ads ) and on the web since 1996.

The Webb Center tracks its patrons and was able to determine that 87 people from a total of 15 states plus Canada purchased tickets and traveled to Wickenburg for the event. Some of the states represented are on the East Coast with two coming from New York and 10 from Ohio. These patrons do not include people who might be regular Wickenburg winter visitors, but rather are people who only came for the show.

“One person from Oklahoma called us near the end of January for a ticket but unfortunately we had just sold out,” said Schustak. “We put him on the waiting list, and he made the 1600 mile trip on faith that he would be able to get a ticket. He showed up and fortunately we were able to get him a seat.”

The effect of the out of town visitors for the performance has been felt in restaurants that have been filling up on performance nights. Other popular Wickenburg locations have been busier too. A recent e-mail from Desert Caballeros Western Museum Director Royce Kardinal to the Webb Center Director Cathy Weiss said, “Just visited with a museum visitor that came all of the way from Shreveport, La., for your show tonight! She and her husband planned their whole trip around attending your performance! Good job of national outreach!  Royce.”

While the Webb Center has been reaching out within Arizona and nationally to attract patrons, it still books its talent and caters primarily to Wickenburg residents.

“Our objective is to bring high-quality art to Wickenburg for our residents and winter visitors,” said Weiss. “But we also welcome those from the Valley and out of state when they help us fill our auditorium. Filling seats enables us to afford the best talent. To make sure we give preference to our locals, we have special discounted programs offering tickets as early as the summer for the following year's performances.”

If your office doesn't spontaneously break out into a "Carlton" flash mob at least twice, your co-workers are terrible people and you should find a new job immediately.

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R.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of WhiskeyR.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of WhiskeyR.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of WhiskeyR.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey