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Some of the main features of the site are 'Shapes Patterns' catalogues with rarity and value guides, a 'Discussion' area in which members can post questions and answers, and also a 'Buy Sell' section where members can purchase and sell their Myott ware. You can even use an alias if you want.

- Festival organizers have announced the 2015 Collingswood Town Read. A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka , by Lev Golinkin, is a darkly comic story of a young boy in the confusing and often chilling final decade of the Soviet Union. It's also the story of Lev Golinkin, the American man who finally confronts his buried past by returning to Austria and Eastern Europe to track down the strangers who made his escape possible... and say thank you. In 1990, Mr. Golinkin came to the . as a child refugee from the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov (now called Kharkiv). A graduate of Boston College, he resides in New Jersey. His op-eds and essays on the Ukraine crisis have appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe , and , among others. Mr. Golinkin will appear at the Collingswood Book Festival on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

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Particularly noted for production of Art Deco vases, jugs and wall pockets, pieces in brighter colours are highly sought after. Orange and brown were the dominant colours used for decoration. In fact a very limited palette was incorporated into the designs - a trick used by artists of the period. Or maybe it was a case of colour availability or perhaps stability as many of the pieces suffer from paint flaking and glaze crazing which reduces value considerably. Blue and red are infrequent decoration colours and can increase the worth of a piece simply by their prescence. However collectors may have to suffer imperfect examples of some of the rarer shapes and patterns as availability of some of the pieces can be extremely limited today.

OTT's Alan Fitzsimons competed in the first series of TV talent series The Voice of Ireland , [6] [3] being eliminated in the semi-finals.

Well, it was only the first episode and clearly it will pick up steam if the promos are to go by. Barun Sobti is undoubtedly the scene-stealer and one can surely watch the first episode’s re-telecast just for him.

OTT - The Story Of LoveOTT - The Story Of LoveOTT - The Story Of LoveOTT - The Story Of Love